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Pola originates from Poland, near Grójec, the largest orchard in Europe. Pola’s products are created on the basis of the best Polish fruit grown by fruit growers from the Rajpol group – one of the largest Polish fruit producer groups.

There are 160 orchardists within the Rajpol Group, cultivating fruit on over 1800 hectares. Rajpol has been in business for 21 years and from the beginning has distinguished itself both by its attention to product quality and innovation in terms of cultivation, infrastructure and processes.

The heart of the Rajpol Group’s business has always been, is and will continue to be the orchard. That is where our fruit grows. They are unique in taste, have fantastic colours and smell amazing. In Pola-branded products, we want to enclose the best of what we have in a convenient package. So that our fruit can be available in a variety of forms to accompany you whenever you fancy.

After opening the package, simply enjoy the wonderful taste and aroma of the fruit.

We create Pola products organically, for you

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